Eicher Pro 2049 CNG

Eicher provides various segments of trucks and tractors at an affordable prices . EICHER PRO 2049 CNG is a Mini Truck with Gross value weight of 4995 kg and Emission Norms of BS – VI . Eicher pro 2049 with Utex 6 technology is a perfect mini truck for services in the city as well as intercity transportation making it the right choice for the customers .  EICHER PRO 2049 CNG comes with the 95 HP with a wheel base of 2580 mm . It is a 4 tyres vehicle with the engine capacity of 3300 CC .It has 4 Engine Cylinders and Engine with E 483 , 2 valve 3.3 Liter CNG . It offers a high payload of 2.4 tons .

It is manual transmission type of vehicle with a fuel tank capacity of 180 liters . It has 5-speed gear box with a gradeability of 31% . It generates maximum torque of 245 Nm at 95 HP . Eicher Pro 2049 offers two variants i.e. EICHER PRO 2049 CNG and EICHER PRO 2049 CNG 2580/CBC and both of them comes with manual transmission (Diesel) . This is the only mini truck which offers all wheel disc brakes which reduces 15% stopping distance providing high safety .EICHER PRO 2049 CNG is build with a customizable body option with a Day type Cabin . Dimension of front tyre is 225/75 R16 / 7.00×16 – 14PR and the Rear one is 225/75 R16 / 7.00×16 – 14PR . It has a wheel base of 2580 mm and a Ground clearance of 160 mm .

Cabin is considered as the second home of truck drivers so the safety and comfort of the truck drivers is taken as the utmost priority by the manufacturers . It comes with the features of Tilt able cabin, Cruise control , Smart fuel coaching , Anti Breaking System , Driver Information Display , DRL headlamps , Footrest Inside the Door , Outstanding Gradeability , Power Steering , Seat belts , Smart and Efficient Engine Technology , Tiltable steering and Tubeless Tyres . If you are planning to buy a mini truck for the purpose of transporting goods such as  Industrial Goods , Fruits and vegetables , LPG , E- Commerce ,  Parcel and Courier , Milk Distribution ,Water Bottle Distribution etc. then you should definitely go for EICHER PRO 2049 CNG .EICHER PRO 2049 CNG comes with a showroom price range between 10 to 10.5 lacks .